Northern Pump Rentals’ NEW
150 mm Trailer pump in action.

This high-performance portable unit is a first in Australia. The pod weighing in at 1340 kg is from an Italian manufacturer and is matched with a locally built customised trailer. It performs at nearly twice the flow rate at the same discharge head compared with its main competitors. It is fully telemetry ready, including increasing or decreasing engine speeds to suit changing conditions. This makes it highly fuel efficient and when combined with all the benefits of its
portability, is likely to become a gamechanger in delivering best value results.

Northern Pump Rentals has on hand the most comprehensive inventory of Pumps, Bypass Plugs, Shoring and Accessories to meet the most challenging circumstances. Getting the right equipment on site is critical. Fitness for purpose, performance and reliability, along with expert advice and guidance are all part of the value package when you put your trust in the NPR team.


  • Ideal for wellpoint and horizontal dewatering
  • Cost effective and fuel efficient
  • Sound attenuated and robust
  • Reliable and easy to maintain
  • Can run dry
  • Can run 5 days on a full tank of fuel
  • Pump types available
  • Ideal for confined space, sump jobs and sewer and stormwater bypass work
  • Low suction point
  • Can handle small diameter solids
  • Able to run dry
  • Can run on float
  • Lightweight for class
  • Can handle flow rates from 3 litres to 50 litres per second
  • 50mm – 150mm diameter discharge range
    • Pump types available:
    • Solid Submersible in Single Phase and Three Phase
      • WEDA 4S
      • WEDA 8S
    • Drainage in Single Phase and Three Phase
      • WEDA 4D
      • WEDA 8D
      • WEDA 10D
      • WEDA 30D
      • WEDA 60D
  • Ideal for sewer and stormwater bypass work
  • General sump pumping
  • Filling of water trucks
  • Emptying of vessels
  • High volume water transfer
  • Back-up for fire extinguishing systems
  • Self-priming
  • Can run on positive suction head
  • Pressure testing of pipe work
  • 100mm and 150mm models available with flow rates up to 150 l/sec
  • High Head up to 100 metres
  • Trailer mounted or skid-based, sound attenuated diesel pumps
  • Full telemetry available for remote monitoring and operating
  • Ability to run on floats, pressure transducers
  • Run time 36 hours per tank
  • Environmental regulations – Complying with European emission regulations
  • Type of pumps available
  • Air and diesel operated
  • Ideal for sewer bypass, no ragging up
  • Handles abrasive and highly viscous liquids
  • Ideal for pumping bentonite and other drilling fluids
  • Air operated can handle fuel and oils
  • Intrinsically safe – non sparking??
  • Can run dry and on flooded suction
  • Type of pumps available

Environmental Services

environmental services
  • NPR offers the correct equipment matched with advice to ensure water quality is compliant with environmental best practice
  • Equipment to separate solids
  • Equipment to change chemical composition of water
  • Field and laboratory testing for PH, water quality, turbidity and electrical conductivity
  • Filtration equipment capable of separating metals from water
  • Type of Equipment Available:
    • Sand Trap
    • Silt settlement tanks and clarifiers
    • Chemical Dosing Units
    • PH and YSI Meters

Bypass Plugs

  • Ideal for sewer and stormwater bypass
  • Flowthrough, bypass and blocking plugs
  • Airlines, regulators and back up air available
  • From 75mm to 1500mm
  • Type of Plugs Available
    • Plug It
    • Cherney


  • Prevents wall collapsing without using batters
  • Reduces earthmoving requirements
  • Minimises footprint
  • Up to 4 metres wide
  • Compliance tested
  • Protects surrounding infrastructure and site workers
  • Mandatory for excavations deeper than 1.8m that cannot be battered
  • Types of Shoring available:
    • Aluminium upper and lower boxes
    • Steel lower boxes
    • Steel struts
    • Lifting chains fit for purpose


  • Unique and custom designed systems to accommodate any site conditions
  • No ‘one size fits all’ solution
  • Turnkey services and Dry Hire available
  • Types of dewatering products:
    • Wellpoint dewatering equipment
    • Deep and shallow well dewatering
    • Horizontal dewatering systems
    • Sump pumping systems
  • Heavy duty hose rated to 1000kpa minimum
  • Pressure tested before each hire
  • Quality Bauer and Camlock fittings
  • Types of hose available:
    • 50mm to 200mm Layflat hose
    • 20mm to 200mm Suction hose
    • Polypipe with Bauer fittings
    • HDP Pipe
  • Types of Fittings available:
    • 45 deg to 90 deg Bauer bends
    • Bauer Reducers – all sizes
    • Strainers
    • Air Relief valves
    • Non-Return Valves
    • Butterfly, Gate and Knife valves
    • Y Pieces and T Pieces

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