Mobile Tower – Daintree Forest Region

The specialised services of Northern Pump Rentals were called for on this challenging project site at Cape Tribulation in the Daintree Forest region of Far North Queensland. The work involved temporarily lowering the water table with wellpoints and piston pumps, a process called wellpoint dewatering, to facilitate dry …

Road and Infrastructure Services (Stormwater Drainage Bypass – Cairns Residential Development

Major roadworks in Cairns is the location for this Norther Pump Rentals sump pumping Storm Water Bypass job. Here the unit is operating at up to 150 litres per second fully automated.

Services Upgrade – Cairns Esplanade

Construction has begun on the $28 million project, which was fast-tracked in May to limit the disruption to traders and maximise the city’s appeal once tourists return. The project extends from Shield to Alpin Streets in the Cairns city centre.

Ship Refurbishment – Cairns Slipway

The Royal Australian Navy undertakes a program of maintenance and refurbishment with many of its vessels using the dry dock at the Cairns Slipway.

Pormpuraaw project

Sewer Upgrade – Pormpuraaw remote community Cape York

This was a challenging dewatering job due to the combination of the very remote location and the specific site features including a high-water table combined with highly permeable bands of shell grit interlaced with clay layers.

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